Camille Julia Testimonial

I booked in for an ART session with Jarrod because I had injured my neck in the gym doing shoulder raises in 2017. Despite having been lifting for over 8 years when it happened, I was unknowingly training with an imbalance (a weakness in those muscles behind my shoulder blade). Anyways, the pain was so bad I was actually breaking down in tears multiple times a day, I couldn’t not move my neck whatsoever. By divine intervention someone recommended Jarrod to me, and I booked in to see him the following day.

After our first session, my pain was gone. I legitimately couldn’t believe it. Jarrod explained the mechanism of ART to me, basically he worked to release all tension surrounding the injured site, which gave me back 80% of my range of motion in the neck, and the pain went away. The sessions themselves are a little intense (like a deep tissue massage would be), but the relief is immediate.

I went back to see Jarrod once a week for the next few months, because not only did he get rid of my pain, but he also showed me exercises to perform in the gym to strengthen my weaknesses and re-establish true balance in my body.

I am so grateful to have discovered active release technique,¬†because not only is it the ultimate post-injury therapy, but it actually is the ultimate tool to prevent injury and pain. ART is a must for any athlete or human who values proper and safe movement. Stop guessing your way through exercise (especially if you’re using any amount of weight)!¬†Jarrod will help you optimize your body and truly, your whole life will benefit as a result.

Not only is the method awesome, but Jarrod is genuinely the best. We had some great laughs, and I recommend him to basically everyone I cross paths with.

Thank you Jarrod! Never change!