1 of 1 Poker Coaching
Australian Poker Coaching
by Jarrod Thatcher

About poker coaching with Jarrod:

I’m Jarrod Thatcher and I’ve been taking poker seriously since 2017, in that time I’ve been able to win multiple main events, WSOP circuit rings, major titles and travel around the world to play.

I credit a major part of my success to the guidance/coaching from better players I’ve had along the way. I found that although I always had a natural aptitude for poker, I had many leaks that I was unaware of – having guys in my corner who were winning in tougher games made my learning curve so much steeper.

The coaching and mentoring I’ve received in the past is what I want to provide my students.

My coaching is a blend of exploitative poker that works against the fields we play at each and every stop in Australia and theoretical research using programs such as Holdem resource calculator, PIO solver, GTO wizard, preflop academy and more.

If you want to take advantage of the Australian poker golden age, please leave your details in the poker enquiry form and I’ll contact you soon.

Jarrod Thatcher wins at the Australian Poker Tour

Jarrod Thatcher Poker achievements:

Major wins:

1st GUKPT London main event – 156k AUD
1st Crown Melbourne championship main event – 101.6k
1st WSOPC Turbo – 35.5k
1st WSOPC 1500 action clock – 66.5k
1st Marconi main event – 70k
1st APLPT Jackstar – 59k
1st APT grind – 52k
1st Kings 2.5k – 30k
1st WPT Prime bounty – 16.5k plus bounties
1st Marconi 750 long weekend event – 24k

Other big results:

Deal done
APLPT jackstar twice for 38k & 72.3k
Marconi 2.5k – 72.5k
2nd Marconi main event – 34.7k
2nd Marconi 5k – 34.2k
4th WPT Mystery bounty – 29k plus bounties
5th Star GC main event – 31k
Many more final tables and 20k plus scores.

Jarrod Thatcher wins at the World Series of Poker


If you’ve ever met Jarrod, you know how enjoyable his personality is, and he brings a lot of this to his coaching style. I found each session to be an enjoyable experience as he simplifies intricate aspects of the game that are often overlooked. He shares his overall thought process, which has made him one of the most successful players in Australia today. Additionally, he is very considerate, ensuring that you understand the topics covered so you have solid takeaways from each lesson. There are many avenues to getting better at this game, and in my personal experience, these one-on-one lessons stand out as exceptionally effective.

Alan Casas

The challenge all Poker players face playing the game we love is “How do we continually improve “ and keep pace with the fast moving competitive environment we continually face. I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by Jarrod for the past six months and cannot speak highly enough on how it has improved my game. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks so he is achieving the impossible. Hand analysis, bet sizing, exploiting opportunities and mental approach are just the beginning. His knowledge of the game is amazing but more importantly the way he explains his thoughts is something that has benefited me enormously. Just in the last few months I have managed to win $190k with the highlight being a fourth place in the main event at the recent WPT event on the Gold Coast. I can’t wait to keep this journey going with him and translating his coaching into further good results. I Highly recommend Jarrod’s services.

Michael Fraser

A lot of poker players are results oriented. If that’s you, check Jarrod’s results, and sign up for his coaching. Enough said. I find being results oriented in poker can be dangerous. We all know you can play badly and win, play perfectly and lose. In time however you’ll see results from consistent players, and Jarrod certainly has exceptional results over the past few years. Being a coach and being a great player aren’t the same thing. Jarrod combines his wealth of experience, his ability to understand and explain complex solver scenarios, and his affable nature together to enable him to pass on how he approaches the game to his students in an easy to digest manner. I’ve found his sessions to be informative, fun, and very rewarding. I’ve always been an unstudied player and having someone like Jarrod help me begin to navigate solvers not only helped my game, but helped me to analyse other people’s games too. He is generous with time, and I’ve no hesitation in recommending him to any player to enhance their game and take it to the next level.

Toby Giles

The results really speak for themselves. Working with Jarrod he was able to change the way I think and approach the game. With his personalized and professional approach to coaching we were able to set goals for what I wanted from poker, identify my leaks and cover the content that I brought to him as well. By working through structured sessions to improve my fundamentals, covering a variety of modules and discussing live hand histories we were able to get my game to a highly competitive level both in Australia and internationally. The more we covered. The more I found myself asking him to book more sessions. If someone asked me what I thought Jarrod’s hourly rate should be, I couldn’t give you a dollar value. Because I genuinely believe with the right amount of work and implementation of what we covered the results and earnings they have the potential to yield do not have a ceiling.

David Sebesfi


To book in a poker coaching session or if you have any questions, please leave your details in the enquiry form and I’ll contact you soon.